To protect, restore, and enhance environmental quality towards good public health, environmental integrity, and economic viability.


A nation empowered to protect our finite natural resources, attuned to the pursuit of sustainable development, for a clean and healthy environment that enhances the Filipino Quality of life for present and future generations.


Ensure Attainment of an Environmental Quality that is conducive for present and future generations Air, Water, and Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals Management Pursue Cooperation and Partnership Environmental Impact Assessment System Implementation Solid Waste Management Secretariat assistance to the Pollution Adjudication Board Lead by Example Environmental Compliance and Organizational Performance


  • To clean the esteros and water bodies by mobilizing estero communities and getting them involved in clean-ups and implementing plans towards cleaner esteros and water bodies;
  • To institutionalize good sanitation and solid waste management practices among estero communities through education and actual participation;
  • To reduce water-borne disease particularly among children and vulnerable groups; To reduce the incidence and risks of prolonged flooding caused by impeded water flow;
  • To minimize additional pollution loads into receiving surface waters, e.g., lakes and seas; and
  • To sustain integration through the strengthening of public private-community partnerships, mainstreaming into regular LGU programs and passage of complementary local policies.


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