The Technical Committee for Source Emission Testing Firms has developed a Qualification  Examination program for individual stationary source emission stack testers. This program is to ensure the highest professional standards by  source testers, encourage related professional development and to promote the development of techniques  relating to source testing.

To ensure the viability  of issuing qualification certificates to qualified stack testers, the requirements are:

1. The candidate must have at least 1 year of experience in the area selected for testing.

2. The candidate must pass the group test ( i.e. QA/QC Manager and/or Team Leader ).

3. The candidate must submit a completed, notarized application for qualification.

4. Along with the application,  the candidate must submit  at least two letters of reference. One letter may be from a supervisor and one from a client. These letters of reference should address the candidate’s integrity and abilities/performance in the area manual methods, instrumentation methodologies, and general source characterization. These letters of reference must be sent  directly to  the  Secretariat, Accreditation of  Third Party Stack Tester, Environmental Quality Division,  EMB-DENR Cmpd., Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. ( A suggestion: supply the person writing your letter of reference a stamped enveloped addressed to  the Secretariat ).

5. Results of the examination will not be released if  documentation is incomplete. Applications and letters of recommendations may be submitted by email to the Secretariat, at, or If you wish to fax the documents, you may do so to 02-9273954.

All information received will be kept confidential and shared with no one but the Technical Committee for the Accreditation of Source testers.

Qualification Application can be downloaded from the EMB web page at Group Exams available:

Quality Assurance/Quality Control  (QA/QC)  Manager Exam

Basic knowledge and Manual Particulate  and Gas Sampling to include:

U.S.EPA Methods: Method 1 ( Traverse points); Method 2 (Velocity-S type pitot ), Method 3 (Molecular weight of stack gases), Method 4 ( Moisture content ), Method 5 (Particulate matter), Method 6, 7, 8 , 10,  18 and 21 ).

QA/QC for sampling

Team Leader Exam

Basic knowledge and Manual Particulate  and Gas Sampling to include:

U.S.EPA Methods: Method 1 ( Traverse points); Method 2 (Velocity-S type pitot ), Method 3 (Molecular weight of stack gases), Method 4 ( Moisture content ), Method 5 (Particulate matter), Method 6, 7, 8 , 10,  18 and 21 ).


In order to conduct this qualification testing, the Technical Committee has agreed to develop and assemble questions to use for evaluating the qualifications of source sampling and analysis personnel and update those questions from time to time. The set of questions and answers for the exam will remain the confidential property of EMB. In order to maintain the vitality of the exam and continually improve the relevance, we need the help of every stack tester in developing questions and answer for the exam covering: knowledge of the Methods as written; limitations of the methods, potential field conditions that may affect results; any special considerations  needed for low-level measurements; shipping and packing considerations; sources of uncertainty (systematic and random) associated with results.

We ask that each of you draft three or more questions that we can use for the qualification testing. The questions can be about basic testing principles (e.g. isokinetic sampling rates, sampling locations), principles and operation of any and all test methods, site preparation and operations procedures (e.g. safety, clean areas, multiple train operation coordination), field clean up and sample handling, laboratory analyses, calculations, and reporting. Each suggested question should be clearly stated with right and wrong answers in multiple choice format.  You may provide a structured  and/or essay type exam. Also, you need to provide clear regulatory or other documentation support for each question submitted.

For example:

Question: EPA Method 1 describe ______:                 

      a) procedure for selecting measurement site and sample port locations in stacks and ducts;

      b) procedures for locating the sample probe inlet when conducting particulate and gaseous sampling;

      c) procedure for determining whether the gaseous flow patterns at the measurement location meet minimally

  acceptable nonaxial or cyclonic flow criteria; or

      d) all of the above?

Answer: d) all of the above. Documentation – sections 2.1 through 2.5 of Method 1, 40 CFR Part 60, appendix A.

Send your suggestions to  at , or


1) What is required for qualification?

You must pass the basic knowledge examination for QA/QC Manager and/or Team Leader

You must complete and submit the Qualification Application Form showing that you meet the current requirements

2) Who may take an exam?

Anyone who is a qualified tester.

3) How do I study for an examination?

Your one year experience should prepare you for most of the exam questions. In addition to that valuable experience, you should read over each of the methods on the test paying attention to any methods you do not have experience with.

4) What is the exam procedure?

The exams are given by a proctor to evaluate the knowledge of the individual to become qualified.  Each exam is developed by the Secretariat, EMB under direction of the Technical Committee from questions submitted by industry,  stack testers, consultants and EMB Regional Offices and Central Office.

a) Each group exam consists of 50 questions for multiple choice    and 10 structured exam.

b) One hour is provided for multiple choice exam.

c) One hour and half  is provided for the structured exam.

d) At the conclusion of the exam, all exam materials are returned  to the proctor.

e) Erasures are not allowed for the multiple choice exam.

f) A passing grade for each exam is 40 correct answers out of 50 or 80%.

5.)  Is there a certificate awarded?

A letter of achievement documenting the examination results will be provided by the Technical Committee to exam participants.

A certificate will be provided upon Qualification.

6) What do I bring to the examination?

Each applicant will be required to show a valid  identification card to take an examination. An applicant may bring calculator to the exam. The examiners will provide pens and examination paper to take the examination. No other written materials other than the examination paper, RA8749  and IRR and CFRs will be allowed in the examination room.

Closed CFRs for the multiple choice examination.

Open CFRs and RA8749 and IRR for the structured and/or essay type examination.

No cell phones are allowed to be on while  in the examination room.

7)   How and when do I pay?

Payment is required prior to taking any examination. An order of payment is issued by the Secretariat and payment will be made at the EMB cashier.

8)   What if I fail?

If you fail to make a passing grade ___ You must wait at least thirty days to re-take the exam.

A fee is charged for each re-examination.