Republic Act

Document No. Title Date Approved
RA 8749 An Act Providing For A Comprehensive Air Pollution Control Policy And For Other Purposes

Executive Order

Document No. Title Date Approved
EO 1997-446 Mandating The Phase-Out Of Leaded Gasoline As One Of The Means Of Solving Air Pollution

Department Administrative Order

Document No. Title Date Approved
DAO 2020-14
Establishing the Breakpoints for Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) Air Quality Index (AQI) and Amending Section 5 (a) of DAO 2013-13 “Establishing the Provisional National Ambient Air Quality Guideline Values for Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5)”
October 21, 2020
DAO 2016-23 Adoption of Euro 4/IV Emission Limits / Standards  June 28, 2016
DAO 2008-09 Revising the Documentary Requirements for the Application of Certificate of Conformity for New Motor Vehicles May 29, 2008
DAO 2007-27 Revised Emission Standards for Motor Vehicles Equipped with Compression-ignition and Spark-ignition Engines July 31, 2007
DAO 2007-22 Guidelines on the Requirements for continuous Emission Monitoring Systems and other acceptable protocols, thereby modifying and Clarifying certain Provisions of Section5, Rule X Of DAO 2000-81 and other Related provisions July 31, 2007
DAO 2007-07 Revising The Initial Area Coverage Of The Metro Manila Airshed And Its Governing Board April 12, 2007
DAO 2006-03 Guidelines For Denr Accreditation Of Third Party Source Emission Testing Firms January 16, 2006
DAO 2006-02 Establishment of Baco-Calapan City-Naujan Airshed and its Governing Board January 16, 2006
DAO 2005-11 Establishment of the Metropolitan Iloilo Airshed and its Governing Board January 10, 2005
DAO 2004-53 Guidelines To Implement The Tax Incentives Provision Under Section 13 Of Republic Act No. 8749 Otherwise Known As The Philippine Clean Air Act August 31, 2004
DAO 2004-26 Amending Rule XIX of DENR Administrative Order No. 2000-81 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 8749) August 25, 2004
DAO 2004-14 Designation of Southern Negros Geothermal Airshed and its Governing Board May 18, 2004
DAO 2004-13 Designation of North Cotabato Geothermal Airshed and its Governing Board May 18, 2004
DAO 2004-12 Designation of Leyte Geothermal Airshed and its Governing Board May 18, 2004
DAO 2004-11 Designation of Bacon-Manito Geothermal Airshed and its Governing Board May 18, 2004
DAO 2004-07 Establishment of Northeastern Pangasinan Airshed and its Governing Board  
DAO 2004-05
Establishment of Metro Tuguegarao (PIESTTA) Air shed and its Governing Board  
DAO 2003-51
Revise Emission Standards for In-Use Motor Vehicles Equipped with Spark-Ignition and Compression-Ignition Engines October 29, 2003
DAO 2003-47 Designation of the Members of Zamboanga City Airshed Governing Board September 30, 2003
DAO 2003-45
Designation of Members of the Governing Board for Metro Cagayan De Oro Airshed, Province of Misamis Oriental, Region X September 12, 2003
DAO 2003-33
Designation of the Members of the Naga City Airshed Governing Board located in the Province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region
July 14, 2003
DAO 2003-25 Hydrocarbon Standards for Motorcycle
June 30, 2003
DAO 2003-16 Designation of the Members of the Agusan del Norte Airshed Governing Board June 6, 2003
DAO 2003-04
Initial Designation of BLIST Airshed and the Creation of its Interim Governing Board
February 12, 2003
DAO 2000-82
Integrated Air Quality Improvement Framework-Air Quality Control Action Plan
DAO 2000-81 Implementing Rules and Regulations for RA 8749
DAO 1998-46 1998 Revised Rules and Regulations for the Prevention, Control and Abatement of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles
DAO 1993-14A Amendment to Administrative Order No. 14 Series of 1993 and Clarifying its Coverage and Scope

DENR Memorandum Circular

Document No. Title Date Approved
DMC 2005-10 Criteria in the Selection and Implementation of Qualified or eligible projects and activities to be supported by the AQM fund July 15, 2005
DMC 2003-20 Initial Designation of Zamboanga City Airshed September 30, 2003
DMC 2003-17 Initial Designation of Metro Cagayan de Oro Airshed September 12, 2003
DMC 2003-13 Designation of Naga City Airshed July 14, 2003
DMC 2003-09
Designation of Agusan del Norte Airshed June 10, 2003
DMC 1997-10 Classification On Section 60(B) Of Denr Administrative Order No. 14, Series Of 1993 (Dao 14, S93)  

EMB Memorandum Circular

Document No. Title Date Approved
EMB MC 2020-17
Guidelines on the Issuance of Permit to Operate (PTO) for Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment (APSI/APSE) through the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS)
May 11, 2020
EMB MC 2020-003 Mandating All EMB Regional Offices (EMB-ROs) to Establish an Air Quality Network Center using a Uniform Data Acquisition and handling System (DAHS) which shall act as Repository of Industrial Emission of Firms Required to install Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) / Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS)
January 27, 2020
EMB MC 2009-004 Amendment of Annex 2 of Memorandum Circular 2007-003 Regarding the Policy on Compliance and Permitting For Industrial Facilities April 1, 2009
MEMO 2007-30 Interim Guidelines on Regulation for Industrial Facility using Bunker Oil  July 30, 2007 

Joint Administrative Order

Document No. Title Date Approved
DENR – DOST JAO 2006-01 Adopting Environmental Technology Verification Protocol (ETVP) January 16, 2006