Project Title: Capacity Development on Improving Solid Waste Management through Advanced/Innovative Technologies

Project Description: The project aims to improve the Philippine Solid Waste Management through the adoption of Waste-To-Energy (WtE) and other SWM technologies. The project will also focus on targeting LGU’s capacity for improving Solid Waste Management utilizing WtE and enhancing other SWM technologies.

Project Duration: 2019 – 2022

Focal Person:
OIC Chief, Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD)
Tel: (8) 920-22-52

Work Program:

Project Outputs:

Output 1    National Project Government’s Capacity for Supporting and Coordinating of LGU’s WTE Project is Enhanced.
Output 2    Target LGUs’ Capacity for Planning, Evaluation, Formulation and Supervision of WTE Project is Enhanced.
Output 3    National Government’s Capacity of Environmental Monitoring for WTE Project is Enhanced.
Output 4    National Governments and Target LGUs’ Capacity to Identify Issues and Provide Suggestions/ Recommendations for SWM Technologies Other than WTE is Enhanced.