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  3 G's Warehouse and Trucking
3 P's Marble Supply
310 Construction Specialist Corporation
A & P Garage
A -1 Export Trading Corporation
A and M Romblon Marble Supply
A B C & D Leather Ind.
A G Metal Craft & Foundry Shop
A. Le Paul Inc.
A. O. Knitting & Manufacturing Mills Inc.
A.O. Knitting Manufacturing Co. Inc.
AA Alcohol Corporation
Abcar Paragon Mining Corporation
Absolut Distillery Plant
Acoje Mining Corporation
ACR Manufacturing Corporation
Adelina - RFM Dressing Plant
Adrian Furniture
AFI International Trading Corporation
Agribase Ventures, Inc.
Agro Marine Manpower Corporation
Aim Fishmeal Factory
Alamag Processing Corporation
Alarilla Tannery
Albay Agro - Industrial and Development Corporation
Albay Agro - Industrial Development Corporation
Albay Agro-Industrial & Deveolopment Corp. formerly: (ALINDECO)
Alflo Fishmeal General Merchandising
Alfra Steel Ind'l. Inc.
Alisand Manufacturing Corporation
Allegro Microsystem Phils., Inc.
Alliance Foods Corporation
Allied Bijpn Factory
Alpha Farms Incorporated
Alson's Cement Corporation
American Interfashion
American Microsystems Incorporated
Amigo Agro Industrial Development Corporation
Amihan Farm
Analog Devices (Phil's) Inc (Water)
Anastacio Guevarra Ricemill
Antonio Canetes Stonecraft
Apo Cement Corporation
Apo Commodities Corporation
Apollo Steel Mill
Armstrong Industries, Inc.
Aromac Corporation
Aromac Minerals Corporation
Artex Dev't. Co., Inc.
Artos Textile Mills, Inc.
Asaf Mineral Corporation
Asia - Pacific Integrated Steel Mills
Asia Pacific Foods, Inc.
Asia Perlite Company, Inc.
Asian Alcohol Corporation
Asturias Aquaculture Corporation
Atlas Synthetic Rubber Corporation
Avico Farm
Azure Pacific Trading Co.
B.M.W. (R. Sedigo) Auto Repair Shop
Bachelor's Express, Inc.
Bacnotan Consolidated Industries, Inc.
Bacon Manito Geothermal Project
Bagumbahay Industrial Corporation
Balanced Foods Corporation
Balintawak Steel Corporation
Barotac Sugar Mills
Barrio Fiesta Restaurant
Basic Foods Corporation
Batangas Sugar Central, Incorporated
Bautista Rice Mill
Benares Lime Factory
Benguet Corporation's (Antamok Gold Project)
Bentoval Ready Concrete, Inc.
Bermuda Club
Bermuda Subdivision
Big Andrews Industries
Bijon De Malabon Factory
Bill Mariveles Marble Plant
Binalbagan - Isabela Sugar Co., Inc.
Blue Bar Coconut Phil., Inc.
Bogo - Medellin Milling Co.
Bogtong Feed Mill
Bonanza Stock Farm
Borromeo Rubber Processing Plant
Bukidnon Sugar Milling Co., Inc. (BUSCO)
Butterkrust Inc.
C - Millan Tannery
C.P. Sorientte Tannery
Cacha Ricemill
Cagayan Corn Products Company
Cagayan Robina Sugar Corporation
California Manufacturing Co.
Caltex Filling Station
Caltex Signature Service (Caltex Service Station)
Camara Steel Industries, Inc.
Cambridge Electronic Corporation
Cana Sugar Corp. (Formerly: Dae Sugar Milling Co., Inc.)
Candyman Inc.
Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Cathay Farms Dev., Inc.
Catmon Stock Farm II
Cattleya Realty Corporation
Cebu Bottler's, Inc.
Cebu Hybrid Farms
Cebu Legacy Marketing Corporation
Cecilia Farm
Celestino David Piggery Farm
Cenapro Chemicals Corporation
Central Azucarera De Bais
Central Azucarera De Bais (new-698)
Central Azucarera De Don Pedro
Central Azucarera De La Carlota
Central Azucarera dela carlota
Central Fermentation Industrial Corporation
Central Macaroni
Central Macaroni Co.
Century Canning Factory
Cesa Piggery Farm
Cesar Gumalong Wood Working Shop
CFS Corporation ET. AL
Chalson Rice Mill
Chanmeco Industries of the Philippines
Chedeng Patis Factory
Chem - Gas Corporation
Chemphil LMG Plant
Chimare De Castro
Chris Garments Corporation
CKL Industries Inc.
Clean Earth Solutions International Inc. And spouses Sabas and Helen Ilagan
Cleveland Indusries Incorporated
Cleveland Textile Mills, Inc.
Cleveland Textile Mills, Inc.
Clothman Knitting Corporation
Coca - Cola Bottlers Philippines Inc.
Coca - Cola Bottler's Philippines, Inc.
Coca - Cola Bottlers Phils, Inc.
Coca - Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc.
Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc.
Cocogold Manufacturing Inds, Inc.
Cocogold Manufacturing Industries, Inc.
Cofta Moulding Corporation
Colortex Processing Inc.
Columbian Motor Corporation
Columbus Seafoods Corporation
Concepcion Farm - Piggery
Consolidated Aggregates Phils., Inc.
Consolidated Distillery of the Far East (ALCOLEX)
Continental Cement Corporation
Continental Nishijin & Dyeing Corporation
Continental Steel Manufacturing Corporation
Contract Packaging Corporation of the Philippines (air/permit violations)
Contract Packaging Corporation of the Philippines (water pollution)
Cordoba Farms
Cosay Oil Mill and Refinery
Cosmos Bottling Co.
Cosmos Bottling Co. Davao City
Cosmos Bottling Corporation
Cosmos Bottling Corporation
Cosmos Bottling Corporation
Cosmos Visayas Bottlers, Inc.
Cosmos Visayas Bottlers, Inc.
Cosmos Visayas Bottlers, Inc.
Country Livestock & Development Corporation
Country Side Farm Piggery
Country Side Miller, Inc.
Crayons Processing Co., Inc.
Crown Marble Crafts
Crystal Sugar Corporation
D' Marble Country Products
Danny's Farm
Dasmariñas Paper Mills Inc.
Davao Agro-Marine Resources
Davao Sugar Central Corporation
Davao Union Cement Corporation
DCL Agribusiness Corporation
De Viana Gold Processing
Del Monte Phils., Inc.
Deltans Mineral Corporation
DGL Bijon Factory
Diagos Piggery
Diamond Textile Mills
Dio Foods Corporation
Distilleria De Bago, Inc.
DMC-CERI Coal Mining Project
Don Juan Integrated Farm
Dongjin Gaebal Phil.
Dr. Luis Young Rice & Corn Mill
Dragon Dev't. Corporation
Durano III & Sons Sugar Mill Inc.
Durano Sugar Mills, Inc.
Dyna Ace Plastic Mfg. Corporation
Dyzum Trade Group
Eagle - Agro Farms
East Asia Holding and Dev't. Co.
East Asia Paper Mill
Eastern Tanning Corporation
Eca Milling
Eda Fishing Corporation
Edsan Leather Craft
Egies Steam Laundry
Elegant Chemical Alloy Corporation
Elegant Steel Corporation
Elitool Corporation
Eliza Farm's Inc
Elybel Mineral Resources
Emata Piggery Farm
Emmanuel S. Soriano Piggery Farm (EJB Farm) new
Ems Marble Supply
Esa Farm
Esicor Inc.
Euro Swiss Foods Inc.
Ever Corn & Fish Meal
Eveready Battery, Company, Philippines
Everest Farm
EW Tan Corporation (formerly: :Brenton Ventures Int'l.)
Excel Colour System Inc.
Express Color Industries
F & A Marble
Faces Disco
Family Farms
Far East Alcohol Corporation
Far Eastern knitting Corporation
Fastbrite Industrial Plating Corporation
FDL Quality Patis Factory
Federal Agricultural Corporation
Federal Petroleum Corporation
Fel - Mar Marble Supply
Feldspar Mining
Felicity Farm, Inc.
Ferro Chemicals Inc. (Phil. Mineral Alloys)
Ferro Chrome Philippines, Inc.
Fiesta Brands Inc.
Fil - Transit Bus Terminal
Filbrid Livestock Agricultural Corp. (Formerly: Sinag Tala Farm)
Filico Plastic Manufacturing, Inc.
Filipinas Canning Corporation
Filipinas Micro - Circuits, Inc.
Filocean Export Corporation
Filtex Manufacturing Corporation
First Farmers Holding Corporation
Fishwealth Canning Corporation
Five Star Piggery Farm
FMC Marine Colloids
Foodline, Incorporated
Fortune Cement Corporation
Fortune Steam Laundry
Fran - Vel Food Products
Friends Steam Laundry
Fuji Zipper Mfg. Corporation
G & P Builder's Incorporated
G.F.I. Enterprises
G.Q. Garments (formerly Agfha, Inc.)
Galaxie Farm (Piggery)
Gallintina Industria Corporation
Gaya Lim Hog Farm
General Aggregates and Concrete, Inc.
General Milling Corporation
General Milling Corporation
Genick Piggery Farm
Gerald Leather Industry
Geraldizo Fil - Foods Corporation
Gilton Commodities
Global Trends Laundry Services Inc.
Globe Paper Mills
Gold Cyanidation Plant
Golden Acres Farm
Golden Acres Food Products
Golden Harvest Marine Products
Golden Hawk Resources
Golden Peacock Food Product's
Goldiluck's Steam Laundry
Goldland Farms
Gorriceta Rice Mill
Grace Farm, Co. (Piggery)
Grace farm/Meridian of Agri - Cultural
Granscor Corporation
Great Pacific Ceramics Corporation
Greate Farms Inc.
Green Sea Mfg. Corporation
Greenfield Farm Piggery
Greenhills Farm Inc.
GT Farms (formerly: Henry Go Piggery Farm)
Guadalupe Commercial Complex
Guilermo Tabios-Grains Corporation
Gundran Ricemill
H.G. Teves Company (formerly Tolong Sugar Mills)
Hanil Development Corporation LTD.
Hanphil Industries, Inc.
Happy Valley Hog Farm Inc.
Harman Foods, Inc.
Hawaiian Philippines Co., Inc.
Hechanova Lime Factory
Hercules Coal Mining & Dev'l., Corporation
Hermoso Tannery
Hi - Cement Corporation
Hi - Tex Industrial Corporation
Hillside Poultry
Hilongos Development Corporation
HJ Marble Supply
HJR International Corporation
HML Stone Craft
Hoc Guan Manufacturing Corporation
Holcim Philippines Inc. (Alsons Cement)
Holcim Philippines Inc. (Bacnotan)
Holcim Philippines Inc. (Davao)
Holy Trinity Memorial Chapels
Honest Parts & Metal Ent.
Hong Sheng International
Horizon Edsa Hotel
Horoscope Farm Development Corporation
Hycarox Enterprises
Ideal Ricemill and Piggery
Igpit Rice & Corn Mill
Ik Inabata Marine Products, Inc.
IL - Mar Marble Supply
Iligan Cement Corporation
Indo Philippines (OLA) Oil Mills, Inc.
Industrial Sugar Resources Co. Inc.
Innerpack Inc.
Insular Canning Corporation
Integral Chemical Corp.
Integrated Marine Products & Trading Corporation
Integrated Mobilizers, Inc.
International Farms Corporation (INFARMCO)
International Ham & Sausages Mfg. Co. 1
International Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Interpolymer Corporation
Isarog Pulp and Paper Mills Corp.
Isulan Development Asia Inc.
J & B Marble Products
J.C.A. Farm
J.H.C. Leather Product
J.R.C. Trading Corporation
Jag and Haggar
Jane's Castor & Coco Oil Mill Corporation
Jardine Davies Inc. - Marketing
JB Line Corporation
Jeverps Manufacturing Corporation
JDC Farm
JNC (66) Farm
Jo - Liza's Antique Shop
Jocar Industrial Corporation
Jocker's Food Industries
Johnson Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Jonathan Land Oil International
Jopa Enterprises, Inc.
Juan Tong Jose
Julu Cornstarch Corporation
Kamayan and Saisaki Restaurant
Karayom Garment Manufacturing Inc.
Kenram Phils, Inc.
Kim - Jem Gold Processing Plant
King's Bottle Dealer
Kingstown Mfg. Corporation
Kinwa Construction Specialist
KLT Fruits Inc.
Konyx Manufacturing Corporation
Kooll Company, Inc.
Kumkang Ceramics Phils. Inc.
Kwong - Tong Noodles Factory
L & E Farms
L & K Piggery Farm
L. A. Manny & Company
L. Gino's Slaughterhouse
La Filipina Rice Mill
LA Fortuna Textile Mills
La Perla Biscuits, Inc.
La Tondeña Distillers, Inc
Labudahon Abbatoir
Lambunao Marketing Coop., Inc.
Lambunao Multi Purpose Cooperative
Lasat Integrated Farms Enterprises
LDM Marketing
Legend Hotel
LEO Manufacturing Corporation
Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.
Lepanto Consolidated Mining Roaster (LIDE)
Leslie Corporation
Leticia Go Piggery
Leyte Agri Ventures Dressing Plant
Li - Shing Rubber, Inc.
Liberty Bijon Factory (formerly Goodies food Mfg.)
Liberty Cotton Mills., Inc.
Liberty Paper Incorporated
Lig Marine Product's, Inc.
Ligaya Food's, Inc. (formerly: SUN GEM FOO'S)
Llanilio Leather Industry
Llyod's Ricefield Ind. Corporation
Longreach Corporation
Looms International Incorporated
Lopez Sugar Corporation
Loran Industries, Inc.
Lorenzana Food Corporation
Los Primos Mfg. Corporation
Lucena Dessicated Coconut, Inc. (Formerly: Red V Coconut)
Lucky Farm's Piggery
Lucky Garments Manufacturing Co.
Ludo & Luym Corporation
Luzon Steam Laundry
Lydia's Lechon Corporation
M & B Manila Brass
M & M I Farm
M & M II Farm
M & T Food Industries
M.Lhuillier Food Products Inc. (Balls Food Product)
Mabuhay Sugar Central Inc. (formerly: Ma-ao Sugar Central Co., Inc.
Mabuhay Textile Mills
Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
Macro Funders
Mae Marine Corporation
Maharlika Farm - Piggery
Makati Cinema Square Condo. Corporation
Makati Shangrila Hotel
Maligaya Farm III
Maligaya Farms II
Manaois Piggery Farm
Manila Color Company
Manila Cordage Co.
Manila Knitting Mills
Manila Mining Corporation
Manila Paper Mills
Manila Plating Company
Manila Thermal Power Plant
Mar Fishing Co., Inc.
Marcelino Yu Fishmeal
Marcelo Tire & Rubber Co.
March and June Environmental Mgt. Corporation
Marcopper Mining Corporation
Maria Cristina Chemical Ind., Inc.
Mariano Marcos Agri. & Industrial Dev't. Corporation
Maricalum Mining Corporation
Marigold Commodities Inc.
Marine Colloids, Philippines
Mario Ramos Piggery
Marquez Marble Plant
Marubi Farms
Marulas Industrial Corporation
Massive Paper Mills
Master Colour System, Inc.
Master Craft of Manila Corporation
Maunlad Canning Co.
Maxima Meat Fair Co., Inc.
Mehitabel Furniture, Inc.
Metro Alloys Corporation
Metro Concast Steel Corporation
Metro Paper Packaging Corporation
Metro United Industries Corporation
Michael Slipways, Inc.
Milton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Mindanao Portland Cement Corporation
Monomer Sugar Central
Monti Textile Mfg. Corporation
Motorola Philippines Inc.
Multi - Farms Agro Industrial Development Corporation
Multivite Feeds Factory (Mersan Merchandizing)
Mystar Industrial Gases, Inc.
National Food Authority
National Power Corporation
National Power Corporation (Tiwi Geothermal Plant)
National Sugar Refineries Corporation (NASUREFCO)
NDC Guthrie Plantation, Inc.
Neat Steam Laundry
Nemar Piggery Farm
Nestle Phil., Inc.
Nestle Philippines
New CMC Agri. Corporation
New Frontier Sugar Corporation
New South Star Manufacturing Corporation
New Star Garment
New Star Garments Corporation
New Sto Domingo Stock Farm
New Valenzuela Piggery
New Zealand Creamery, Inc.
Newton Food Products
Nikon Industrial Corporation
Nissins Universal Corporation
Noah's Ark Sugar Holding
Noah's Ark Sugar Refinery
North Davao Mining Corporation
North Sea Fishmeal
Northern Cement Corporation
Northern Mindanao Bandag, Inc.
Notre Dame Foundation Rice Mill
NPC - Batangas Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant
NR Marble Supply
Nueva Swine Valley
Nutrisun Food Products
O.M. Junkshop
Obra Cebuana Inc.
Ocean Light Import and Export Co.
Orient Marine & Fishing Resources, Inc.
Original Synthetic Chemical Supply Co., Inc.
Ormiel Junk Shop (Formerly Toro Chemicals)
Ormoc Sugar Company
Ormoc Sugar Company
Ortigas and Company (Virra Mall, Shopperville, Greenhils Shoping Center)
Osaka Steel Manufacturing
Oversea Agri-Aqua Dev't. Corporation
Ozaeta Farm
Ozamis Manabay Industries, Inc.
Pacific Activated Carbon Company Inc.
Pacific Cement Company, Inc.
Pacific Enamel and Glass Corporation
Pacific Glass Product Mfg. Corporation
Pacific Rayon Mfg. Inc.
Pacific Royal Basic Food Inc.
Pacific Starch Inc.
Pacifico M Castaneda
Padrigon Gold Processing
Palochina City Trading
Pamana Food Industries Inc.
Pamintuan Development Corp.
Pampanga Sugar Development Co., Inc.
Pampanga Sugar Dev't. Corporation (PASUDECO)
Panay Foods International
Panay Oil Mfg. Corporation
Panda Farm & Agri. Corporation
Parker Battery Mfg.
Passi (ILOILO) Sugar Central, Inc.
Peace & Progress Poultry Dressers
Peñafrancia Sugar Mill (formerly:BICOLANDIA SUGAR )
Pentagon Paper Mills, Inc.
Pepsi - Cola Distributors of the Philippines Inc.
Pepsi - Cola Distributors of the Philippines
Pepsi - Cola Products Philippines Inc.
Pepsi - Cola Products Phils, Inc.
Pepsi - Cola Products Phils., Inc.
Pepsi - Cola Products, Inc.
Pepsi-Cola Products Phils., Inc.
Permex Producer & Exporter Corporation
Peter Paul Philippines Corporation
Petrophil Gas Station
Petunia Farm
Phil Starch Corporation
Philagar Corporation
Philex Mining Corporation
Philexson International, Inc.
Philip Group of Companies
Philippine Agro Industrial Corporation
Philippine Fisheries Dev't. Authority
Philippine Fruit & Vegetable Industries Inc.
Philippine Gulaman Industries, Inc.
Philippine Gulaman Industries, Inc.
Philippine Leather Mfg. Corporation
Philippine Nails & Wires Corp. Formerly: (Allied Integrated Steel Corp.)
Philippine National Oil Company Coal Terminal
Philippine Packing Corporation
Philippine Phospate Fertilizers Corporation (LIDE)
Philippine Pyrite Corporation
Philippine Rock Products, Inc.
Philippine Wallboard Corporation
Philnico Mining & Industrial Corporation
Picop Resources Inc.
Pig Philippines (Formerly San Andres Stock Farm)
Pilmico Foods Corporation
Pinnacle Foods Inc. (air/permit violations)
Pinnacle Foods Inc. (water pollution)
Pole Star International Trading
Polysterene Manufacturing Corporation
Powerzone Petroleum Products Corporation., OSM Shipping Phils. Inc. And Goldmark Sea. Carriers, Inc.
Premyo Piggery Farm
President Marine Product Corporation
Prifoods Corporation
Prime Pacific Corporation
Procter and Gamble Co.
Procter and Gamble Inc.
Profood International Corporation
PSB Swine Breeding
Public Estates Authority
Pure & Reach Food International
Pure Blue Industries, Inc.
Purefoods Corporation
Purefoods Corporation Farm
Puruganan Industries
Puyat Steel Corporation
Quest International Cebu, Inc. (formerly: Deltagen Incorporated)
R.B.R. Rice & Corn Mill
R.D. Policarpio
R.M. Coco trader
R.S. and Sons Commodities
Rads Steam Laundry
Ramcar Inc.
Ramos Farm
Rapu-rapu Processing, Inc.
Regent (DAVAO) Resources
Reliables Farm Dev. Company
Reliance Piggery Farm
Reno Food Inc.
Republic Cotton Mills, Inc.
Resins Corporation
Reymar Farm Inc., (J & R Farms)
RFM Tuna Canning Plant
Richmount Marble Corporation
Rigid Metal Manufacturing Corporation
Rikio Southeast Asia, Inc.
Ringo Piggery Farm
Rio De Oro Canning Corporation
Rio - Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation
RMV Marble Supply
Ro - An Marble Supply
Roberto Rosales Tannery
Robinson's Apartelle
Rockwell Power Thermal Plant
Romblon First Development Corporation
Romblon Resources
Rommel Farm ( Piggery )
Romrock Industries
Rose Food Products, Corporation
Rose Industries, Inc.
Roy - Tan/ Raul Gonzales
Royal Oil Product's, Inc.
Rufina Patis
S - Lord Development Corporation
S - Metal Works
S & L Bijon
S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc.
S.D. Stock Farm
Saffron Philippines, Inc.
Sagay Central, Incorporated
Sahara Piggery Farm I
Sahara Piggery Farms
Salvatierra Farm
Samar Mining Development Corporation
Sampaguita Garment Corporation
Samson Piggery
San Carlos Milling Co. Inc.
San Diego Shipyard
San Francisco Farm
San Juan Slaughterhouse (Mega Stock Farm, Inc)
Sancanco Canning Corporation
Sancanco/Sta. Monica Canning Corporation
Sanitary Steam Laundry
Sanitary Steam Laundry
Sanitary Wares Mfg. Corporation
Sanson Oquendo Ricemill
Santory Industrial Corporation
Saranga Ceramics Contracting Co.,Inc.
Sea Oil Petroleum Corporation
Sea Plus Export Corporation
Seaside Seafood Market
Seatrade Development Corporation
Sebanti Foods, Inc.
Semirara Coal Corporation
Seven C's Corporation
Seven D Foods International
Seven D Foods, Inc.
Shangrila Edsa Plaza Hotel
Shemberg Biotech Corporation
Shemberg Marketing Corporation
Silver Spring Farm
Silver Swan Manufacturing Corporation
SKK Steel Corporation
SKT Oil Mill, Inc.
Skyhi Twin Cinema
SM Megamall
SMC - San Miguel Corporation Polo Brewery
SMC Brewery Plant
SMC Coffee Plantation
SMI Fish Industries Inc.
Socor Construction Corporation
Sofermida (Betty Balgos) Fish Mill Factory
Soil - Tech Agricultural Product
Solar Textile Finishing Corporation
Solid Agricultural Dev't Corporation
Solid Cement Corporation
Solis Marble Plant
South Pacific Sugar Corporation (formerly NASUREFCO)
Southern Cereal Food, Inc.
Southern Island Oil Mill, Inc.
Southern Marble
Southern Negros Developmet Corporation
Spring Manufacturing Corporation
Spring Peter Enterprises
St. Jude Motor Shop
Sta Monica Inc.,
Sta. Filomena Rice & Corn Mill (Air)
Sta. Maria Screen Printing
Star Ace Lumber
Star Bright Electro Plating
State Manufacturing Industries, Inc.
Stockyard of Reinforcing Bars
Sun Crest Foods, Inc.
Sun Crest Foods, Inc. (Air/Permit Violation)
Sunglow Industries Inc.
Sunnix Development Corp. (formerly CANELAND SUGAR CORPORATION)
Sunny Brooks Farm
Sunpride Foods, Inc.
Sunrise Textile Mills
Sunta Rubberized Industrial Corporation
Superior Agro Industrial Corporation
Superior Hog Farm
Superstar Coco Products Co. Inc.
Supreme Farm
Supreme Farm Products Trading
Swift Foods, Inc.
Swines Incorporated
T & Y Corporation
T.S. Food Industrial Company
Taiware Plastic
Taiyo Manufacturing Corporation
Talakag Agri-Resources, Inc.
Talla Gold Processing Plant
Three Golden Star Canning Corporation
Ting's Farm
TKC Prime Factory
Tobi Marketing Inc.
Tomas Rosales Tannery
Top Fine Plastic Corporation
Top Star Manufacturing Corporation
Trade Values Inc.
Transnational Paper Mill
Tree - Po - Wents At The Court
Tresco Canning Corporation
Tri - Star Piggery
Tri - Union Laundry & Industrial Corporation
Triple "A" Laundry Services, Inc.
Tropical Island Refinery Corp.
Trust International Paper Corporation
U.S. Counter Board Corporation of the Philippines
Unico Fish Trading
Unicorn Factory
Unimarine Resources Corporation
Union Ajinomoto Inc.
Union Refinery Corporation
United Oil Corporation
United Paragon Mining Corporation
Universal Canning Corporation
Universal Robina Corporation
Universal Robina Sugar Milling Corporation
Universal Sea Products, Ind. Phil.
Uptrade Resu\ource Corporation
V - 4 Swine Farm
V.L. Shipyard Corporation
Valenzuela Pelletized Plastic Co.,
Valenzuela Printing Plant
Valenzuela Slaughterhouse
Valgosons Trading Corporation
Valuerich Enterprises - Cebu Chicken Dressing Plant
Vanson Paper Industrial Corporation
Vicente Hermoso Tannery
Vicmar Development Corporation
Vicmar International Phils., Inc.
Victorias Farm
Victorias Milling Co.
Victorias Milling Company Inc. Swine Farm
Victory Ventures Fishing Corporation.
W/L Foods Corporation
Wason Bijon Factory
Webengton Distillery
West Bay Apparel
Western Fabrics Philippines Inc.
Westwood trade & Mfg., Inc.
White House Oil Mill and Soap Factory, Inc.
Whitman Laundry Services
Wilson Food's Inc.
Wonder Textile Mills
Xavier Enterprises, Inc.
Y.K. Marine Development Inc.
YKS Oil Mfg., Co., Inc.
Zano Rice Mill
Zilog Philippines
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