Air Quality Management

Water Quality Management

Environmental Impact Assessment

Solid Waste Management

Toxic and Hazardous Waste

Chemical Management

Environmental Education and


Industrial Effluent Monitoring
Monitoring and Classification of Waterbodies
Strengthen Implementation of Ecowatch, Beachwatch, Tapwatch Programs

Issuance of Waste Discharge Permit (WDP)
Survey of Firms
Monitoring of Firms
Conduct of Effluent Sampling
Monitoring of Waterbodies

Quarterly monitoring of the ff. waterbodies:

- Ormoc Bay
- Bao River
- Matlang Bay
- Dupon Bay
- Camotes Sea

Classification of Water Bodies

Major Rivers classified Ulot, Dolores, Balangiga, Borongan, Llorente, all  in Eastern Samar

Beachwatch Program

Determines the water quality of the waterbody primarily apply to the abatement and control of pollution from land based source.

Tapwatch Program

Aimed to have good water quality for domestic use in selected poor municipalities and blighted areas in the cities.